the white pigeon

the white pigeon - street photography

los angeles, california

My eye often tends to be drawn to collections of lines and shapes that collectively create a balanced composition. Lines and Lines #2 are a couple of examples.

I could see this scene had potential but it lacked something to make it a strong image. I returned to this spot three times to see what I could do with it.

On the third occasion this white pigeon appeared out of nowhere and I thought great! Just what I need to lift this shot. I knew exactly where I wanted it to be for a balanced composition but you know what they say about working with children and animals!

If I tried coaxing it into position there was a danger it would either fly off or I would find myself in the wrong place to take the shot. The only thing I could do was stand, wait and send good vibes.

And I did for what seemed like an eternity. The Gods must have been sending their good vibes on that day too because the pigeon dutifully walked to the perfect spot and I took the shot!

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