the third nose

the third nose - street photography

lubeck, germany

I was initially struck by how large a nose the mannequin in the window had.

I always thought that mannequins were supposed to conform to a high standard of attractiveness in order to maximize their appeal.

After all isn’t the latest in designer fashion likely to sell better if adorning an attractive mannequin and not an unattractive mannequin?

While I was pondering this conundrum a young lady serendipitously halts briefly in front of the store window, adopts a similar pose to the mannequin and gazes in the same direction.

I take the shot and as I do so I also note a striking resemblance in a particular facial feature between the two.

The young lady also happens to be sporting a larger than average nose!

Then it all starts to make sense. Maybe in this part of the world larger than average noses are considered attractive and the store owner definitely “nose” what he/she is doing?

What do I know about fashion anyway?

So that is two noses accounted for where is the third?

It is silhouetted in the center “Alfred Hitchcock” style, hence the title of the image – a take off of “The Third Man” a classic film noir movie released in 1949. Directed by Carol Reed and not Alfred Hitchcock but of the same dark, suspenseful genre.

Now I’ve given you the full background on this image I bet all you can see in it are three noses :-)

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  1. David Scott says

    Having something of a whopper (nose) I was shocked to here your initial surprise that a mannequin should have been given a ‘larger than average’ one.
    You do eventually admit that you may be mistaken and actually a nose of grander proportions might be attractive.
    Please allow me to speak for the mannequin, his shadow and the young lady as well as myself.

    We assure you that larger noses are very attractive!

    • Steve Garth says

      Thanks for picking me up on that. I must admit that my statement was made through a Western European Marketing prism. However my multicultural upbringing does tend to favor Holgers statement below “a large gable decorates the house”

  2. holger says

    Yes. Thats L├╝bech and in Germany they say: ein grosser Giebel ziehrt das Haus. Funny isn’t it ?