What’s This All About?

Steve GarthI’m Steve Garth. My passion is street photography. I capture fleeting moments in life, moments that make us stop and smile, stop and wonder, stop and admire the beauty, stop and scratch our heads, or just stop and think WTF!

The Fine Art of Life is my personal street photography project to share some moments with you every day for a year. My hope is that at least for a brief instant in your busy life you have the chance to stop and smell the roses.

stop and smell the roses(idiomatic) To relax, to take time out of one’s busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life

I may add some thoughts with an image or include an illuminating quote to give you some context. But there again I may not and just leave you to ponder yourself. In any event I hope you get something out of them and take the time to share with others. If we all took a little time out every day to stop and smell the roses, our lives would be significantly richer as a result.

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My heartfelt thanks go to Roann Sexson for planting the seed and Chris Lema for inspiring me to get it done.

Thanks for stopping by,

Steve Garth