Your Comments

You are such a thoughtful guy; so nice of you to take the time to thank your supporters. I look forward to the photos and am really beginning to appreciate the beauty and insightfulness that they portray. Thanks for sharing your life’s stories with us.

Roann Sexson

Steve is a Generous Share-0-Holic with his art. I so look forward the seeing his vision every day.
Thanks for All.

Frank M Vigneri

I just had to tell you how much I look forward your photo each morning. At times it is the only thing that goes right in my day.
all the best,

ビル ブラック
Bill Black
Voice Director/Composer/Sound Designer

Steve, as I have mentioned to you face to face I love the photos and the captions and would love a little background info on each…where it was taken what month and year and what was your inspiration for that particular artwork?

Ken Zangara

Dear Steve,

Thank you for sharing your great photos with us! We enjoy them very much. You have a keen eye for “the right moment” which lets you create works of art that invite people to stop, contemplate and smile. We do!

Dimi Popow,

Hamburg, Germany

Hi there,

Yes, I enjoy your daily photos – especially those featuring dogs! So you’re definitely on the right track.

Chris Titchen – England

Hi Steve,

Hope this mail finds you doing well. I’ll start by offering a big “my bad” for not dropping you a note earlier. I’m so happy to be on the “Fine Art…” mailing list. Your photos are truly enjoyable, and I look forward to them each day. Thanks so much for taking the time to make this project happen.

Best regards,


Michael Marans
MV Pro Audio, LLC

Hi Steve,

I always check out your mails, never just delete them, which is quite something in itself these days! When I saw your campaign at the start of the year my first thought was ‘that’s interesting’ and second was ‘how long will this last?’

I’m amazed you haven’t had more feedback and can honestly, hand on heart, say I have thought a few times I should drop you a quick mail just to say well done for making the effort to do something. Not enough people do.

Congratulations on making it this far, hope you carry on for many years to come and your philosophy gains more weight. People need to be reminded of what’s important as often as possible.

All the best!

Cheers – Matt 8)

Dear Steve,

I was a little hesitant at first to receive pictures EVERY DAY in my e-mail……..but I have come to look forward to the images and enjoy them immensely.

They are clever, very clever. You have an eye to see things in these photos that I never would have noticed. You draw our attention to ‘the theme’ of the image by naming it. Naming the image is the clever part.

“Does he mean in SHOES, the shoes in the cases or the unusual shoes the young person is wearing?”

In this moment of looking at this image and thinking about what is really there, I have ‘ slowed down and smelled the roses’!

Thanks Steve for that moment in time

Chris Mason
Edgewood, NM

Thanks Steve,

I had been meaning to do what Bill has managed to do !

Yes! it’s a lovely little surprise to see your daily picture reveal itself and I love them too!
I have to admit to ‘saving them up’ some days I don’t get to my email at all, whilst on others I have to deal with the nitty gritty ones first and don’t quite make it to yours at all! ( I realise that I should really start with yours!)

I’m dead jealous of the fact that you’ve even been to your various locations , particularly the ones in the US , places I’ve only ever heard about keep popping up and reminding me of how well traveled you are .

I love the clever composition, the monochrome , and of course the quirky subjects – often canine! but mostly the ‘instant’ access to, as Bill says, something that could well turn out to be the most fun thing on the screen all day!

Thanks again , and sure – add my comments if you like!

Dave Scott
Oxfordshire, England

Hi Steve,

I am on your mailing list and get your photos every day. I enjoy it very much, so please keep on sending them to my adress.

Best regards

Martin Herbst
Bielefeld, Germany