shell shocked

shell shocked - street photography

cambria, california

As the title suggests I was pretty shell shocked when I came upon this. Being a creative soul I could marvel at the craft and artistry that went into the creation of some of those pieces, but when you consider that every one of those shells used to be part of a living creature it sobers you up somewhat.

I returned to Cambria numerous times thereafter to find the store no longer there. Draw your own conclusions.


contentment - street photography

morro bay, california

Can you see that remarkable look of contentment on the smaller rock on the right?

Place your eyes on the right side of the smaller rock where it meets the ocean. Gradually follow the neck upward and around the small chin into the mouth. From there continue upward over the nose, into the eyes and up into the craggy forehead.

It’s the look of contentment I’m sure that we’ve all experienced. One that comes from a pure sense of relief.

You’ve finally located the backscratcher hiding in the kitchen drawer under a pile of batteries, notebooks, bag clips, tape and a ball of string. You grasp it firmly in one hand and wield it across your back attacking the itch that has been driving you nuts for the past five minutes. That’s the relief I’m talking about!

It’s also the look of contentment seen on many a man’s face while in the process of rapidly offloading the four pints of Sam Smith he had imbibed in quick succession. I’ll leave you to create the visuals but this might help!