lucy and desi

lucy and desi - street photography

boston, massachussetts

I’d just arrived at Boston’s main railway station from New York. I was kneeling down to get something out of my bag and just so happened to glance to my right.

My camera was strapped to my right wrist so I took it in hand, grabbed the shot, and then carried on searching through my bag.

All in a days work…

elegants #2

elegants #2 - street photography

los angeles, california

I took a similar shot in the Getty Museum where a tall slim and very elegant lady was emulating the body stance of the statue she was studying.

Similarly so in this shot.

I wonder if there is some subconscious body language mimicking going on?

Humans are strange but fascinating creatures!

it’s not about the boots!

It's not about the boots! - street photography

los angeles, california

It was initially. The lady’s boots mirroring the statue’s boots. But as I observed them it became something else.

This image is about finding new love later in life. His hand being clasped in both of hers. The adoring look on her face. They look so totally relaxed and comfortable with each other.

I wish them well.

back to back

Back to Back - Street Photography

los angeles, california

This was taken at the “Big Blue Bus” shuttle stop to Santa Monica from the Getty Museum.

The “back” on the right is promoting one of the art exhibitions at the Getty Museum. The “back” on the left is a fellow passenger checking out the arrival times for the next shuttle.

Now if only I would have introduced myself and asked the gentleman to lift his shirt slightly and display a hint of “butt crack”.

That would have really made this image :-)