thirsty work

thirsty work - street photography

charlbury, england

It’s thirsty work playing soccer with your mates on a hot summer’s day!

I spotted this young man knocking back a pint of lager after his match at the local village fair. His father caught him just as he was downing the final drops. Heated words were exchanged as the young man slumped down on a bench with a wide smile on his face.

Father stormed angrily off to the bar to buy a replacement for the one his son had so cheekily finished off for him!

assistant to the bouncer

Assistant to the Bouncer - street photography

hamburg, germany

He has his game face on, that hard direct “don’t mess with me” stare, straight back, square shoulders and legs ready to spring into action at a moments notice.

This young assistant to the bouncer takes care of business while his boss tends to other duties.