the wall

the wall - street photography

berlin, germany

The Berlin Wall as seen from the west side two weeks before it fell.

This is an area where the East Germans decided not to demolish apartments to make way for the “Death Strip”. Note the cameras on the top left corner of the building, one of which was pointed directly at me.

Tension was high, very high, and yes I ventured over to the other side with my camera. More to come…

thumbs up!

thumbs up - street photography

mölln, germany

Till Eulenspiegel likes what he sees enough to give her a thumbs up!

Till Eulenspiegel is a merry prankster from German folklore who was born in Brunswick in 1300 and died of the Black Plague in Mölln in 1350. He was buried in Mölln according to a gravestone attributed to him there.

Nobody really knows if he was an imaginary figure or real but his reputation spread far and wide throughout Europe. He was seen as a hero of the people willing and able to stand up to the ruling classes.


incoming - street photography

los angeles, california

There’s a look of trepidation and almost fear on this young man’s face as he braces himself for the incoming kiss from his mother. I suspect he was very thankful that none of his buddies were around to watch the spectacle!

All the stars were fully aligned for this particular grab shot. I was in the front passenger seat of a rental car we had just picked up from LAX. We were all tired, grumpy and jet lagged after a long flight from Frankfurt, Germany.

I distinctly remember having one of those typical jet lag “brain fart” moments where the brain shuts down, leaving a mind totally devoid of any conscious thought whatsoever. Yet my eyes registered a developing shot heading directly for me at 30 mph.

My instincts kicked in, I picked the camera up, set the controls and took the shot all within the space of a second or two.

My empty mind rebooted immediately afterward thinking there was no way I had captured that shot from a moving vehicle while completely jet lagged.

I’ll let you be the judge of whether I succeeded :-)


truth - street photography

seoul, south korea

A symbol that stops you in your tracks when on public display!

The swastika, synonymous with Fascism, is actually an Indian religious symbol which derives its name from the sanskrit “svastika”.

In Buddhism, as in this instance, it represents the intersection of two truths.

Buddhists generally use the symbol with the arms pointing counterclockwise so that the spin comes inward to the person looking at it, which means a person should find truth inside himself not outside himself as the NAZI’s did.

busting some moves #2

busting some moves #2 - street photography

seoul, south korea

Busting some moves spontaneously in public seems to be an Asian tradition, at least based on my personal experience!

These three youngsters out of the blue started humming a Michael Jackson number then broke out their moves. I followed for a while until I captured this shot and they kept on going. I’ve no idea how long they kept it up.

It was definitely a more modern and energetic performance than their counterparts in Taipei!