direct heat, turn occasionally

direct heat, turn occasionally - street photography

sydney, australia

…and baste well in coconut oil, preferably Factor 10.

We are looking at the famous Bondi Beach. At the time this image was taken it was the location of the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. This was fueled in part by the generous unemployment benefits granted by the Australian government. It financed the adoption of a surfing, beach party lifestyle among the 18-30 crowd for years.

Why find a job if you get paid by the government to go surfing every day?

(No surfing allowed on the day this image was taken – sharks were sighted in the area).

just chillin’

just chillin' - street photography

melbourne, australia

Koalas sleep 22 hours a day. There is a popular misconception that eating Eucalyptus leaves gets them high, hence their reluctance to move anywhere in a hurry!

The Eucalyptus leaves are indeed the culprit but not because they get Koalas stoned. The leaves are so low in nutrient value an enormous quantity have to be consumed. Coupled with their high fiber content the act of digestion alone drains the vast majority of their energy reserves, hence the reason Koalas are world champions at just chillin’.

P.S. Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials.

the fascist swastika

the fascist swastika - street photography

schwerin, former east germany

I’ve previously published a swastika image from Korea and one from the People’s Republic of China. In both instances they symbolized Truth in the Buddhist faith. A positive symbol that people revered.

Not so in this image. This is the Fascist Swastika stolen by Hitler. An interesting article by the BBC writes about the Swastika’s history, and how it was held as a positive almost joyful symbol until the Nazi’s hijacked it.

Schwerin was a former Soviet garrison town charged with deploying tank regiments across the North German plain in the the event that the cold war suddenly heated up. As you can see the Soviet views on Fascism are pretty unmistakable. The hanging marionettes add a very surreal, almost menacing quality to the images.

On a personal note I find the lyrical qualities of the Russian language very attractive. I loved walking the Schwerin streets shooting images completely immersed in the constant hubbub of Russian conversation.