self medicating

self medicating - street photography

santa fe, new mexico

The gentleman in the background had been providing plenty of entertainment for the couple on the left as he tried unsuccessfully to get himself into a comfortable laid back position on his bench.

Those benches look attractive but I can personally testify that they are not the most comfortable benches in town.

I suspect the laid back gentleman had to have been self medicating, in order to attempt to find any semblance of comfort in a horizontal position on those particular benches!

assistant to the bouncer

Assistant to the Bouncer - street photography

hamburg, germany

He has his game face on, that hard direct “don’t mess with me” stare, straight back, square shoulders and legs ready to spring into action at a moments notice.

This young assistant to the bouncer takes care of business while his boss tends to other duties.


Disconnected - Street Photography

oxford, england

An entrance to the famous Bodleian Library in Oxford, second only in size to the British Library.

So why is this image titled “Disconnected”? Examine closely the group of gentleman to the right. I can vouch that all four are companions as I observed them for quite a while.

But at the moment I tripped the shutter we have one man on the left with his finger up his nose, one man looking up at something in the sky, another with a smile on his face gazing into the distance and the remaining person reading a note in his hands.

Companions they might be but at this particular moment they seem to be inhabiting their own little worlds completely disconnected from each other.

the beach pro

the beach pro - street photography

aberystwyth, wales

Windbreak, table, sunbed and custom eye protectors mark this guy as a real pro when it comes to catching the (few and far between) rays in Wales. Judging by his physique it looks like he’s been training many a year to reach this peak of perfection as an official beach pro!

can you spare a cuppa?

Can You Spare a Cuppa' - Street Photography

oxford, england

In true British style when the going gets tough, the tough stop for a cup of tea to figure out their next move!

This lady decided to do exactly that below the entrance of a travelling Royal Navy Recruitment Center much to the amusement of the sailors that were working there.

the guardians

the guardians - street photography

oxford, england

These particular guardians, of which there are many in Oxford, adorn the outer perimeter of the Radcliffe Camera which was originally endowed as a science library by John Radcliffe. It’s been featured in many an episode of “Inspector Morse”!

the merits of a ferret

The Merits of a Ferret - street photography

oxfordshire, england

Two “good ole’ boys” discuss the merits of a particular ferret clasped in it’s owners hands.

If you study the picture closer you’ll see a series of slightly out of focus pipes laid in parallel. What you’re looking at is a Ferret Racing course. On the “start” command owners place their ferrets in the pipes and the first one to get to the end of the course wins. Money has been known to change hands based on the results :-)