the blushing beauty

the blushing beauty - street photography

malibu, california

I guess if I was drying myself off in my boudoir after a hot shower, and two ladies surprised me by walking in, I’d also cover my modesty the best I could and may even blush too! At least being the well mannered British gentleman that I am, that would be my initial reaction.

What happens after the initial reaction is another story…

best buddies

best buddies - street photography

woodland hills, california

Cai, my first Galgo, rests his head on Topanga the Pug, his best buddy.

Cai was less than a year old having been just imported from Germany. Who knows how old Topanga was. She was a feisty street smart Pug having been found wandering in Topanga Canyon. They made an unlikely pair but best buddies they were!

lucy and desi

lucy and desi - street photography

boston, massachussetts

I’d just arrived at Boston’s main railway station from New York. I was kneeling down to get something out of my bag and just so happened to glance to my right.

My camera was strapped to my right wrist so I took it in hand, grabbed the shot, and then carried on searching through my bag.

All in a days work…