Thanks Steve,

I had been meaning to do what Bill has managed to do !

Yes! it’s a lovely little surprise to see your daily picture reveal itself and I love them too!

I have to admit to ‘saving them up’  some days I don’t get to my email at all, whilst on others I have to deal with the nitty gritty ones first and don’t quite make it to yours at all! ( I realise that I should really start with yours!)

I’m dead jealous of the fact that you’ve even been to your various locations , particularly the ones in the US , places I’ve only ever heard about keep popping up and reminding me of how well traveled you are .

I love the clever composition, the monochrome , and of course the quirky subjects – often canine! but mostly the ‘instant’ access to, as Bill says, something that could well turn out to be the most fun thing on the screen all day!

Thanks again , and sure – add my comments if you like!

David Scott

Oxfordshire, England