lords of the manor

lords of the manor - street photography

thame, england

Yes, there really are Lords of the Manor who dress in buttoned up jacket, nicely pressed shirt, old school tie and with bowler hat perched on their head, just to visit the local fair and pontificate on how they can’t find enough beaters for next weekends Pheasant Shoot on the estate.

If you’re not British you probably won’t understand the import of what I just said. It’s a peculiarly British Class System thing which you have to live to truly understand.

I have great faith that William and Kate will sweep the place clean with a shiny new broom.

thirsty work

thirsty work - street photography

charlbury, england

It’s thirsty work playing soccer with your mates on a hot summer’s day!

I spotted this young man knocking back a pint of lager after his match at the local village fair. His father caught him just as he was downing the final drops. Heated words were exchanged as the young man slumped down on a bench with a wide smile on his face.

Father stormed angrily off to the bar to buy a replacement for the one his son had so cheekily finished off for him!

the bird whisperer

the bird whisperer - street photography

london, england

This is Hyde Park in London. I spent quite a while observing and shooting this gentleman. He was hyper-focused on feeding the sparrows and completely oblivious to my presence. You can probably tell by the intense expression on his face.

Sparrows are not very exotic birds. A stones throw from our location was a lake where people were feeding swans, geese, ducks and all manner of finely feathered birds.

Yet this gentleman had staked out a relatively secluded space to feed and commune with an “everyday” sparrow.

Make no mistake about it the Sparrow and Bird Whisperer were definitely communing. There was a connection there, based on a lot of trust.

A brief moment of magic for both of them…